The cosmetics industry is among the most favorite of the online business and most popular as well. The cosmetic industry covers various sectors under its belt like skincare, general beauty products, hair care, weight loss and management and endless.This vast variety of sectors makes it the most popular and fav to the direct selling business sectors because of the large scale of demand as well.

When we talk of the beauty products business going online we talk about the e-commerce website with a product's display with all the inventory management and shipping management system.But in case you take one step ahead to make more business from your e-commerce beauty products you can add an option like multi-vendor which means that you integrate the MLM or direct selling or affiliate marketing portal to your regular e-commerce website.

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Well, the answer is pretty simple as we have endless features in our MLM or direct selling or affiliate marketing business like Payment gateway management, Epin, E-wallet, Commission management, downline management, multi-currency, multi-language and much more.

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